Thursday, July 27, 2017


Post 1573. Thursday July 27

Six Sentence Stories

Accident prone Catherine was known as Cat to her friends; ‘You’ve got nine lives’ they used to say as she recovered from yet another brush with death.

This time, however, it was somewhat more serious, as a simple slip in her kitchen left her with a dreadful and fatal injury to her head.

‘It’s not over yet’ thought Cat as she passed away.


The kitchen window was ajar and a kitten crept through the narrow gap and leapt from the sill to a bench where she carefully picked her way between the pans and brushed against the pots stopping now and then to sniff the still warm contents.

‘I said it wasn’t over’ purred the baby cat at as it licked clean a plate. 

For Six Sentence Stories where the cue word is Slip


Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Post1572. Wednesday July 26 

Friday Fictioneers

I hated mobiles when they first appeared. I preferred proper phones with cables. But being a trendy dude I bought one.

I got my first text.

hi how u doin. c-in r tomoz. 4t u mite cum 2. b gd. luv mary’ What was Mary saying?  

I replied. Apparently, my mobile had 'predictive text' which could read my mind and write what it thought I was saying.

‘Hell mare. Watch was yolk massage a boot. I did nut undertake it. Plaice cool me. Key.'

Oh dear!

I called her on a proper phone. She was seeing Rosey the next night and thought I might like to go too. So I did!

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and to J Hardy Carroll for the photo

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Post 1571. Tuesday July 25


I was sunbathing on the beach with my girlfriend when Fisherman Fred moored his boat and came ashore carrying a bucket.

 ‘Look what I found’ he said. I peered in the bucket and saw a baby waist deep in water. Then I noticed the child had a tail!

 ‘It’s a merbabe’ I exclaimed Where did you find her..him..err…it? (I’m not sure how you determine their gender at that age!)

‘It was flapping around in the shallow water looking lost’ he said. ‘I don’t know whether to take it to the children's home or the aquarium’. I suggested he popped it in his bath until he decides.

It was then I heard a voice in my ear. ‘Wake up sleepy-head’ 

‘I must have nodded off’ I said to my girlfriend. ‘You won’t believe the ridiculous dream I just had. I dreamt Fisherman Fred found a merbabe!’

‘How exciting’ said my girlfriend, flapping her tail.

Word count 153

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers where the photo prompt is by Louise with The Storyteller's Abode 

Monday, July 24, 2017


Post 1570. Monday July 24

Wordless Wednesday

Jane Austen died on July 18, 1817 aged just 41. She was buried in Winchester Cathedral 200 years ago today. I took these photos yesterday.

An original hand written draft

First edition of Persuasion which was published a year after her death

Not the prettiest house so I just stuck to the plaque!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


 Post 1569. Wednesday 19 July

Friday Fictioneers

I should have done something, but I didn’t. I put myself first and I’ll live with my decision for ever more.

I told myself I’d imagined it. Imagined a muffled noise coming from the boot, imagined the car shudder. There were several people in the car park, but two men stood out. They turned and stared in my direction. I shivered. They started moving towards me. That’s when I decided to walk away, do nothing.

I avoided newspapers, radio, and television for several days. I didn’t want to know if someone was missing; someone I could have saved. I’ll always wonder, never know.

* by the way, UK boot = US trunk!

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and to Kent Bonham for the photo.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Post 1568. Tuesday July 18

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

As I climbed the grassy slope a songbird whistled me a merry tune and a rabbit stopped and twitched his nose. The sun played hide and seek with fluffy white clouds.

A brightly coloured butterfly fluttered around me, and as I walked it followed. I sat to rest a while and it settled along side me. When I continued on my way it kept me company. I stopped and held out my hand; it sat on my little finger. It was as if it knew me; knew me in days gone by maybe. Not as a butterfly but as a friend long departed. Now a friend returned.

It became darker and suddenly my friend was gone. I felt rain drops on my face as though someone above was shedding tears.

They say the sun will shine again tomorrow. I will return to the grassy slope. I hope my friend will too.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers where this week's photo is kindly supplied by J S Brand

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Post 1567. Sunday July 16

Sunday Photo Fiction and Sunday's Whirligig

I liked it. It was perfect.

‘The Monk’s House, what a lovely name’

‘More like a monkey house’ my wife muttered pointing at the bamboo poles holding it up.

Look, three wooden kisses on the front’ I said. ‘That’s a sign’ 

‘Hmph,’ she went.

We clambered our way to the back garden. ‘A pond’ I gleefully chuckled. 

‘It's got slimy green skin on it’ she said.

‘It just needs stirring’ I suggested. ‘Why that face?’

‘Even the tree’s leafless’ she complained.

‘It’s winter’ I said.

‘It’s spring’ she yelled.

‘Listen, a blackbird’ I enthused.

‘That’s a car alarm down the street’ she mumbled.

We went inside. Okay, it was a mess, but nothing hanging a couple of my paintings and buying a few bits from Ikea couldn't sort out.

‘You can't put a cup and saucer together, let alone sofas and bookshelves’ she laughed. ‘As for your stupid paintings…’

‘The bath’s filthy’ she said.

 ‘Well, clean it’ said I. I bit my tongue; if looks could kill.

‘The fireplace is dirty’ she moaned.

‘Well, erm… I’ll clean it’ I said.

I live in the Monk’s House now. An aptly named place for a single man.

The photo at Sunday Photo Fiction comes to us courtesy of Mike Vore.

The given words at Sunday's Whirligig are bath, bamboo, hanging, dirty, wife, stirring, paintings, leafless, skin, blackbird, monk and fire.